Active Server Pages (Classic ASP) & Java Script Programs

ASP (Classic ASP) and JavaScript are both widely used and popular technologies in web development.

Active Server Pages (Classic ASP) :

  1. Active Server Pages (ASP) which is now called classic ASP was Microsoft’s first Server Side Script Engine, used to create dynamic websites out of plain HTML websites.
  2. ASP is a scripting host and it’s default scripting language is VBScript, but you can also code in JavaScript, you can code your website in any COM compliant language.
  3. Due to Microsoft .NET Framework adoption and implementation ASP is also promoted to ASP.NET and working well on a wide variety of systems or web applications.
  4. ASP runs on IIS (Internet Information Server/Serivces) which is Microsoft’s Server to host dynamic ASP websites.
  5. ASP is really not a language, its Microsoft Technology to enable you to write dynamic webs applications using scripting languages.
  6. ASP is text based & so simple that to convert your website in plain html to dynamic one, just change the extension of .html or .htm files to .asp.

Here is a list of programs compiled in PDF file for very basic understanding of ASP. Further resources may be found at official MSDN (Microsoft Developer’s Network Site).

Click Here to Download ASP Program Examples

JavaScript (JS) :

  1. Java Script is a scripting language developed by Netscape Communications and used to create dynamic websites.
  2. JavaScript codes can be embedded in or linked to any HTML file.
  3. Individual JavaScript file’s extension is .js and can be linked from HTML file using HTML’s link tag.
  4. To embed JavaScript codes into an HTML file HTML’s script tag can be used.
  5. Mostly used for Client-Side validation and processing.
  6. Java Script has nothing to do and has no relation with Java Programming Language so please don’t get confused.
  7. It has now became one of the core technology of web development and design along with HTML and CSS.
  8. Many powerful web development frameworks are now based on it, thus effectively and widely used and interpreted by most major browsers.

Click Here to Download JavaScript Examples