BCA Part – III – Practical Record Cover Pages 2018

Practical Examination 2018 is soon going to be held, thus all student’s have to download the cover page for practical records.I have uploaded cover page design for all three (3) practical subjects of BCA Part III .

It is suggested to download the cover pages and print from photo lab on 8 x 12 size. Cover Page Designs are of A4 size on 300 dpi (dots per inch). Print them, cut from cutter in A4 size and paste on the front of the practical record.

Name of the student must be written from Black Marker or Computerized. If computerized font face and size must match and written properly aligned over given blank space.

Download Cover Page : BCA 25 – Visual Basic Programming kshitijdivakar.com)

Download Cover Page : BCA 26 – Web Development kshitijdivakar.com)

Download Cover Page : BCA 27 – Oracle SQL-PL/SQL Programming : kshitijdivakar.com)