Visual Basic 6.0 – Programming Fundamentals Notes (English & Hindi Both Version)

Visual Basic 6.0 – Programming Fundamentals Notes in Hindi as well as English language Notes covered only Programming Fundamentals portion and Controls and User Interface elements portion was not covered in the notes since Visual Basic 6.0 was quite wide and needed a lot of time and effort to create notes.

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I have explained all the topics with detailed proper examples so hope someone will benefit a large.


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Topics Covered :

  1. Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0
  2. Evolution & History of Visual Basic 6.0
  3. Derivative Languages of Visual Basic 6.0
  4. Editions of Visual Basic 6.0
  5. Types of Projects in Visual Basic 6.0
  6. IDE (Integrated Development Environment) & It’s elements
  7. States of Visual Basic IDE
  8. Application Development in VB6 (Overview)
  9. Components of Visual Basic Projects
  10. Advantages of Visual Basic 6

  11. Programming Fundamentals (Variables, Constants & Data Types)
  12. Implicit & Explicit Declaration
  13. Type Declaration Characters
  14. Defxxx Statement
  15. Scope of Variables
  16. Public vs Local Variables
  17. Lifetime of Variables
  18. Constants (Intrinsic & User-defined)
  19. Data Types (Byte, Integer, Long, Single, Currency, Double, Date, Boolean, String, Object, Variant)
  20. Data Type Conversion Functions
  21. Special Values of Variants
  22. Examining Variable Types (VarType() & TypeName() functions)
  23. Standard Arrays (Declaration, Initialization, Linear, 2D, 3D Array,Option Basic 1 Statement, UBound() & LBound() functions)
  24. Dynamic Arrays (Redim Statement and Importance of Preserve Keyword)
  25. Collections (Declaration of Collection Object using New, Methods- Add, Remove, Item and Property – Count)

Students are free to download and share these notes as required. Here are the links to download :

  1. Visual Basic 6.0 Notes (Hindi)
  2. Visual Basic 6.0 Notes (English)