Visual Basic 6.0 – Sample Projects

Visual Basic 6.0 – Sample Projects are selected and compiled collection of various applications developed by various students or developers and uploaded to the various platforms to share freely.

Students face regular problems, due to the lack of example projects and there are many sites who just sells projects for the curriculum. Student’s need to see example projects for free. So I provided them here in a list (Courtesy Various Developers from Various Platforms)

There are still Visual Basic 6.0 is in curriculum of certain universities, so students need an idea about how the projects can be developed in Visual Basic. I have uploaded the selected projects and listed them for the reference.

None of these projects have been developed by me and courtesy note can’t be put for all of them, but I really appreciate their efforts in the development of these projects.

List of Visual Basic Sample Projects

(Click on the links to Download them)

  1. VB Learner – A project to learn various functions and facilities of Visual Basic developed also in Visual Basic.
  2. Veterinary Management System – A project dedicated to veterinary (animals/pets) hospital record keeping and day to day tasks management.
  3. Employee Attendance Management System – As the name implies, it is a project to keep track of attendance of employees in any organizations.
  4. Shopping Mall Management System – Short project for initial stage developers or students.

  5. Electronic Slam-Book Application – Slam-Book to collect views of peoples about someone, interesting project.
  6. Mobile Gallery / Shop Management System – Working project with lacking good user-interface design.Good to learn something anyway for students.
  7. Call Center Management System – Customer Care is day to day activity for many service and technology oriented companies. So a good project to learn from student’s perspective.
  8. Smart Billing Application – Billing is everyday, essential and most needed software of any business be it small retail shop or small or medium enterprise.
  9. Video Rental Shop Management System – Although, in today’s YouTube world it’s feasibility is lesser but good example to learn coding similar applications.
  10. Advance Multiple Choice Quiz System – Quiz and Contests are required in many areas, so good to learn logic with some Bisual Basic source code example
  11. Civil Registry System – A project for municipal and govt corporations and departments who deals day to day with public regarding creation of birth, death, residence certificates etc.
  12. Pharmacy Shop Management System – Medical and Health science dealings are evergreen business and project is good example of how to design and develop these kind of applications fairly.
  13. Airlines Management System – Very short project regarding operations, but good start-up, provides very good initial ideas about such kind of applications development.
  14. Automatic Stock Processing System – Stock and Inventory management is most required software system for all kind of business.So have a hands-on experience.
  15. Bar & Restaurant Management System – good example of sleek user-interface design and professional coding.
  16. CD Parlor Management System – Just have a look, how approach may differ from different developer’s perspectives
  17. Computerized Test Maker – Essential part of day to day computer based testing, which is easy, fast and automatic.
  18. Computerized Grading System – Ask a school teacher, and he or she will jump to get this software.So opportunities are evergreen in the field of education.

  19. Building & Construction Company Management System – A must have for the contractors. Customization is required according to each and every builder’s requirement.Lots of issues are there to handle in this industry.
  20. Contact Management System – Another example of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.
  21. Electronics Shop Management System – Gadgets and Electronics are evergreen business, so lots of customers and products to manage, again good opportunities to learn from a sample project.
  22. Equipment Management System – So many machines we are using everywhere, specially in labs, industries, as well as homes.Warranties, services and many issues.Just have a look how to start on this kind of project.
  23. Expert Central Human Nervous System (Best Project) – Expert Systems are Awesome. And this is one my favorite project in this list.Thanks to developer mike. Neat user interface design, basic functionalities.
  24. Football Team Management System – Sports are becoming professional and there are so many opportunities to work out in this field.Nice example.
  25. Gas Service Agency Management System – Dealers daily interaction with bookings, delivery all issues must be addressed.So good startup example.
  26. Gym Management System – Every gym owner’s need, since most of them not handle their business and hires managers to handle. Keeping track of everything is necessary and there is nothing great than a software.
  27. Institute Management System – Education become profession, so many private concerns and institutes are running and it is a must have software for them.So have a look of someone else work is better than starting from scratch.
  28. Inventory Management System – Quick solution is needed for many shop owners and wholesalers for management of inventory. just another approach by novice developer.

  29. Library Management System – Daily need in any school or college to keep track of whole library facility.Learn how to start.
  30. Multiplex Ticket Booking System – Awesome example.Computerization is really a need of this type of issues.Learn something from this project.
  31. Patient Information System – More and more Doctors are practicing privately and running their clinics. Thus, great demand and requirement of this project. Learn to code one of yours after having a look at this project.
  32. Payroll Management System – Startups and entrepreneurship is increasing day by day and BINGO ! Have a look on the solution to deliver one of your product.Learn at-least some logical concepts.
  33. Smart POS (Point of Sales) – Professionally developed and designed. Really great work and example to learn many things regarding application development.
  34. Software Inventory System – There are everywhere software in the world, A lab, bank, insurance company, and many of them buy, subscribe for various software. Administrators have to keep updated them, as well as to maintain their expiry, renewing subscriptions and many things. So best example to learn a software to keep track of software.
  35. Code Library – You are a learn or professional coder, will definitely have to maintain a large set of snippets of codes from various projects to further reuse them. That’s really awesome example to store all your code into a library in managed and organized way.Great example
  36. Student MIS (Management Information System) – Great design and hard work example.
  37. Travel Company System – There are lots of private tour operators and lots of opportunities in the same field. Learn to code this kind of application.
    1. Note: All projects are only for student’s and learner’s references. I don’t own any right on them and they are provided by means of sharing some conceptual knowledge of program design and coding techniques so please don’t sell them to anyone for professional purpose as they are not complete, perfection and quality assurance is not done on any of them.Furthermore, if you implement them and face any problem there is no support offered so consequential damage to the data or business is of one’s own responsibility. Software is a serious kind of business so be cautious and careful about usage.